Ways to Spice up Your Diet


If you’ve decided to commit to healthy living, you likely understand the sacrifices it will take.  You will begin to notice words like deep-fried, gravy, and extra-cheese slowly becoming removed from your day to day life. While your heart will thank you, your taste buds may eventually riot.  Because  if  you’re getting stuck in the rut of eating the same bland food all the time, a boring routine can cause you to cheat on your diet.  And as many people who struggle with weight loss know, cheating can be a slippery slope to falling off the diet completely.
Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged, in fact, hope is out there!  The key to staying disciplined with your diet is variety and flavor.  Consider these ideas for spicing up your life, and spicing up your diet.

Taco Tuesdays

MG_8900It’s a known fact, if you eat tacos on a Tuesday, they just taste better.  Tacos are also a great way get your vegetables. Load up on tomatoes, lettuce, grilled peppers and be sure to go with black beans instead of refried.  Keep in mind, soft corn tortillas contain less fat than hard shell tacos.  Finally, throw on some salsa, or better yet, guacamole, since avocados are loaded with important nutrients, and to really spice things up, enjoy dinner with a low calorie margarita.

Cook with Tea

green-teaThe Chinese have been cooking with tea for hundreds of years.  It’s time the rest of the world caught on as well.  Using tea is a great way to add to flavor without having to resort to extra sugar or fat. You can substitute tea for water in many dishes including stir fry, or with poached salmon.

Cooking with tea is not only a boost to flavor, but it will contribute to your health as well.  Organically grown tea will maximize those benefits.  Dandelion root tea is an herbal tea known for its richness in vitamins and antioxidants, and also its ability to help with digestion.  It can be used as a rub or marinade, a healthy way to dress up your meats.

Drink your Veggies

Green-Smoothies-Are-Good-for-your-HealthWhen it comes to food, green is good.  We know the many benefits of spinach, kale, cucumbers, and collard greens, but trying to eat greens on a daily basis isn’t exactly a mouth-watering proposition.  However a green smoothie is a fun, delicious way to incorporate greens into your daily routine.  You can mix them with tasty fruits such as apples, pears, mangos and bananas which will help your greens go down much easier.  Green smoothies are easy to digest, and because they contain a lot of water, they fill you up as well.

Cheese Please

CheeseNot all cheese is bad for you, and there are many ways you can enjoy life, and enjoy cheese at the same time:

  • Feta: A one ounce serving of feta has 4 grams of protein and only 74 calories. Feta is perfect with salads, sweet potatoes, fruits, and even soups.  Feta is a strong tasting cheese so a little bit goes a long way.
  • Swiss: Because it’s a hard cheese, swiss is richer in phosphorus than most cheeses, and it also contains a good dose of calcium and protein. It’s the perfect complement to a sandwich, or an omelet, or to snack on with crackers.
  • String Cheese: It’s not just for 5 year olds anymore, string cheese is an excellent quick and easy on the run snack item. A part-skim mozzarella serving contains 7 grams of protein.  It’s hardly even a processed cheese, the “stringiness” is actually how mozzarella naturally behaves, so peel away and get in touch with your inner child again.
  • Parmesan: Parmesan cheese is another good one to use in moderation.  A one ounce serving has only 110 calories, but contains 450 milligrams of sodium.  Parmesan shavings go best with pasta, pizza, or on a fruit plate.  Look for Parmesan that has been aged at least 16 months, and be hesitant using cheese that looks too pale.

Pizza Party

cauliflower-pizzaDelivery may be the easy way, but making your own pizza at home is how to enjoy it the healthy way. First think about the crust you want. You can try making your own whole wheat based dough for extra fiber and protein, or experiment with something more adventurous like a cauliflower based pizza.

Try making the veggies on the grill to incorporate a smoky flavor.  For extra protein go with the leaner chicken sausage instead of pork sausage, or you can try using tofu instead.

Dessert pizzas make the perfect healthy evening treat.  Grilled peaches taste great with caramelized onions and fresh basil.  Or try one with ricotta cheese, figs and some arugula.  Pizza is the perfect food to share so invite your friends over and make a night of it.

In order to stay on track your diet you’re going to need to instill some excitement into it as well. Socializing with your friends, making meals for others, and keeping loved ones aware of your goals are good ways to seek their support.  You don’t have to condemn yourself to a life without flavor just because you want to eat better.  These tips are just the beginning, experiment on your own and try something new and exciting today.

Host a Pizza Making Party



Most people think delivery is the only way to go when hosting a pizza party. If you are sick of greasy, expensive delivery pizza, there is a healthy and fun way to make your own pizza at home. If you are watching your calories and still want to host a party with friends and family, then hosting a pizza making party is a great option.
Picking up a phone or ordering a pizza online is quick and easy, but making your own pizza at home is a fun, healthy option that your friends and family will love. You can still enjoy pizza when you are watching your calories.

Pizza Crust

What kind of pizza crust do you like? It is easier than you think to make homemade pizza dough. Or maybe you are looking for a low-carb option. A cauliflower based crust is a great option for those watching carbs and their waistlines. There is also a wide variety of store bought pizza dough that make things even easier.

Pizza Sauce

There are many delicious and healthy bottled pizza and spaghetti sauces at your local supermarket. If you have a favorite homemade pasta sauce, try that. Your sauce doesn’t have to be tomato based either. There are many low fat alfredo sauce recipes that are great on pizza. Barbecue sauce and salsa are also great. You can make a BBQ chicken pizza or a Mexican pizza.


Traditional mozzarella isn’t your only option on pizza. Experiment with ricotta, Mexican blends, and cheddar to see what you like. There are many 2 percent fat shredded cheeses that are low-fat and delicious.


Grilled veggies add flavor to an otherwise boring veggie pizza. If you love pepperoni but not the calories, try low fat ham or turkey slices. Instead of pork sausage, experiment with chicken sausage or even seasoned tofu.

Dessert Pizzas

How about dessert pizzas? Grilled strawberries and peaches with fresh basil and onions tastes great on a whole wheat pizza crust. Or you can try some sweet figs, arugula and ricotta cheese to create a sweet and savory dessert.

Have Fun

Just because you’re trying to eat healthier doesn’t mean you can’t still socialize and have fun with your friends. There are many low calorie and low carbohydrate options that are delicious and satisfying. Your friends and family will have a great time personalizing their own pizza, and you will be proud that you are staying on track with your weight loss goals.

What are you Waiting For

Get together a shopping list and ask your friends what they like on their pizza. Take a trip to the grocery store and gather the ingredients. Start preparing the dough before your guests arrive, or purchase pre-made pizza dough at the supermarket. Gather all of your toppings and create a pizza making assembly line on your table before your guests arrive. They will be delighted and excited to create their own unique pizza, and you will be able to still stay on track and have fun entertaining friends and family.


Green Smoothies for a Healthy Diet


Greens have great nutritional value for the body and what better way to seamlessly incorporate greens into everyday diet plans than by blending a green smoothie.

Green smoothies are easily digestible and have a quick absorption and assimilation of nutrients mechanism. The results are an overwhelming number of health benefits and overall well-being.


Every glass is packed with antioxidants that help boost your body’s immunity and maintain general wellness. They also have a profound effect on weight loss by curbing the craving for less healthy foods and creating a desire for more nutritional food. Green smoothies are also a great caffeine-free alternative for your morning routine, they provide a long-lasting boost of energy, and will impact your mental alertness as you start on your day.

With a green smoothie, you get all the fiber content of fruit and vegetable ingredients. Additionally, the smoothies help your body get rid of toxins immediately, as opposed to elimination through the skin, which maintains a healthy glow to your skin.

Green Smoothies Recipes

A high-performance blender, a supply of choice ingredients and a sense of creativity and adventure give you a wide range of recipes from which to choose.

Ensure to include at least half a cup of healthy leafy greens such as collard greens, kales and spinach. You can include fruits such as pears, bananas, pineapples and mangoes into your mixture, which masks the taste of the vegetables. You may also want to include herbs such as parsley and mint. Flax and chia seeds also add protein content to your green smoothie.

Choice of liquid base is equally unlimited and great alternatives include fruit juice, almond milk and coconut water. The liquid is what should go into the blender first, aiding free movement of the blades for a more effective blending action. The mid-section contains the vegetables and fruits and lastly, several ice cubes for thickening.

4 Quick Tips to a Great Green Smoothie

  • Always use fresh organic fruits and vegetables to get the most nutritional benefits.
  • Avoid starchy vegetables such as Brussels sprout, carrots, broccoli stems and others in your smoothie, as they do not combine well with fruits to avoid indigestion and gas.
  • While you may be tempted to indulge your taste buds by adding different flavors, try to keep the ingredients within a limit. This makes digestion much easier for your system and ensures a balance in nutrients for optimal health.
  • If you are using a multi-speed blender, it is important to start out slow so that the chunks of fruit and vegetable can break down uniformly. You can then take your time and slowly build towards higher speeds for a smoothie with perfect texture

Whether home-made or otherwise, green smoothies hold many health benefits, and should be included for a healthy diet.

Revealed: 4 Spices Guaranteed to Spice up Your Diet as Well as Your Life


If you wish to spice up your diet, consider incorporating some bark, root, and plant derivatives in your diet. This is because spices and herbs not only add pep to any meal, but also come with proven benefits to the heart as well as being able to ease soreness and pain such as that synonymous with workouts. Spices and herbs also have antiviral and antibacterial properties, with most being high in trace minerals and B-vitamins. In fact, a large majority contain more antioxidants than some vegetables and fruits. Further, they are also an inexpensive way of adding flavor to food without the extra cholesterol, sodium, calories, and extra fat. Below, , we take a look at 4 spices that are potent, healthy, and sure to spice up your life as follows:


Found all across the world in many sweet and savory dishes, this wonderful and tasty spice is derived from the bark of a tropical evergreen tree and can also be consumed in various herbal teas such as the Bengal spice which is an alluring combination of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and nutmeg. Cinnamon is known to aid fat burning as well as help in controlling diabetes, blood sugar levels, and insulin resistance. It can also be used as a digestive carminative for nausea, intestinal colic, and diarrhea, with some sources hailing it as an excellent anti-septic.


While ginger may be one gnarly looking tree root in its whole form, this underground stem is, nonetheless, excellent for treating bloating and gas, upset stomachs, colds and sore throats besides other conditions such as motion sickness and arthritis. A spicy herb that is used in both savory and sweet dishes, ginger can be sugared, grated, sliced, or even eaten like candy. It is a staple in many Asian dishes and baked goods and can also be consumed in tea in order to obtain relief from an upset stomach.


Dating back to the times of the ancient Greeks, fennel is considered a weed in the U.S. and can be found growing in abundance along roadsides and in fields in many areas across the world. It is high in calcium which is essential for strong teeth and bones and rich in niacin which helps in turning food into energy. Further, fennel also contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is vital in promoting a strong immune system as well as being an excellent source of iron and dietary fiber, which help keep your digestive tract and metabolism running smoothly.


This is a popular herb that is used to season pasta dishes, salads, soups, and sauces. It is renowned for its exceptional antioxidant properties that can protect the body from common skin issues, premature aging, and some types of cancer. Basil contains pigments that shield the body’s cell structures from radiation and oxygen damage and which can also be applied to wounds to prevent bacterial infections. Basil is relatively easy to incorporate in any diet and all one has to do is toss a few leaves into your favorite meal for a guaranteed fresh burst of flavor, or, alternatively, use tomato slices and whole leaves to conjure up a flavorful salad.


How to Make Your Diet More Appealing


A healthy and fit body is what most people are dreaming about. In order to achieve this, many are following some inventive ways to get the body that they want

But did you know that a healthy diet does not mean that you need to eat flavorless meals? In fact, you can eat delicious and healthy meals at the same time. So if you want to achieve a fit body without depriving yourself of savory meals, here are some ways to spice up your diet:

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is known for its weight loss effect. This is why if you want to lose weight, you should include herbal teas in your diet. One herbal tea becoming more and more popular is the chaga tea. You can buy chaga tea and drink it alongside healthy meals to spice up your diet.

Chaga tea is made of wild mushrooms that are usually found as a parasite on birch trees in Russia, Northern Europe, Korean and North America. Chaga tea can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and lessening your cravings for food. Many people are having difficulties in cutting their food cravings; this is a great way to eat less the healthy way.

Spice up Meat, Fish and Poultry

Who says you cannot spice up your meals composed of meat, fish and poultry? Dietitians suggest some ways on how you can make these meals flavorful and healthy.

-For beef, you can spice it up by adding onion, bay leaf, nutmeg, pepper and marjoram.

-For lamb, you can add garlic, curry powder, mint and garlic.

-For pork, you can flavor it with oregano, garlic, sage, thyme as well as pepper.

-For turkey or chicken, spices you can add are ginger, oregano, rosemary, marjoram and poultry seasoning.

-Lastly, for fish, you can add curry powder, lemon juice, pepper, dill, marjoram and dry mustard.

Make Vegetables More Exciting

You can also add flavor to your vegetable meals by adding a few spices. For carrots, you can add cloves, nutmeg, sage, marjoram and cinnamon. For corn, you can use spices such as cumin, onion, parsley and curry powder. You can also add a tasteful touch to green beans by adding tarragon, dill, lemon juice, oregano, thyme, marjoram and curry powder.
If you are including greens in your diet, you can simply add pepper, garlic and onion. Peas come deliciously with sage, ginger, onion, marjoram and parsley. Potatoes can be more flavorful if you will add paprika, dill, parsley, garlic and onion.
Are you fond of eating summer squash? Then you can make it tastier by adding cloves, nutmeg, curry powder, onion, marjoram and sage. Meanwhile, winter squash’s flavor can be enhanced by adding cinnamon, onion, marjoram and ginger.
And how can you forget including ripe tomatoes in your diet? Simply enhance its flavor by adding bay leaf, pepper, basil, onion, dill, parsley as well as marjoram.